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Ok, so we might not be the cheapest beauty studio on Mare Street, but we're definitely a lot less than what you would pay in Mayfair or Marylebone. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. We offer West End quality at East End prices, with tender loving care thrown in for free.   



Flash Lash Extensions Full Set - £84/ Director £100
Lashes are applied to the top lid only, for maximum coverage, creating a full and impressive look. We never apply lashes to the bottom lid. (1hr 10 min)

Flash Lash Extensions Half set  - £54/ Director £63
Half the amount of lashes are applied compared to full set, for a more natural look. (45 min)

Flash Lash Extra Full Set - £ 108/ Director £125
Incase a full set isn't glamorous enough for you! Extra full gives you even more lashes and volume for a dramatic, show stopper look. (1hr 30min)

Russian Volume Full Set- £150  Multiple lashes 2d- 6d  are applied onto each individual lash to create a fuller, more voluminous look which is perfect for the extra wow factor or to fill sparse natural lashes.

Lash Cleansing - £10

Lashes will be cleansed with lash foaming cleanser and lash cleaning brush to remove stubborn make-up.


Top ups/ infills are for topping up your eyelash extensions when they begin to fall out. The longer the time between appointments, the longer it takes for an infill. You need at least 40% of the lash extensions on for an infill, or a full set will be charged.

Flash Lash 30 Min Top Up - £36/ Director £42
Needed aprox 2 weeks after initial extensions.

Flash Lash 45 Min Top Up - £54/ Director £63
Needed aprox 3 weeks after initial extensions.

Flash Lash 1 Hour Top Up - £72/ Director £84
Needed approx 3-4 weeks after initial extensions.

Russian Volume Top Up - £78     Needed approx 3 weeks after initial extensions.

Anything over 4 weeks you will need a new full set as we cannot guarantee the fullness of your lashes.  



Flash Eyelash Tint - £16

Eyebrow Tint - £12

Brow Shape - £16

Brow Tint + Shape - £24


LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift. This avant-garde lash treatment uses the latest technology to lift and straighten your natural lashes and set them for a fab wide eyed look. This relaxing 5 step procedure does not use extensions, it is all your own natural lashes and mascara can be worn. Lasts approx 6 weeks.

Flash Lash - LVL with Colour Boost - £65

Flash lash - LVL without Colour Boost - £60



Hands & Feet                         

Luxury Manicure - £35/ £45 Shellac

Luxury Pedicure -£45 / £50 Shellac

Classic Manicure - £25 / £35 Shellac

Classic Pedicure - £35 / £40 Shellac

Shape and Paint - £15

Removal - £10

Nail Art - From £10

Hard Gel Extensions - £55

Hard Gel Overlay - £45

Hard Gel Infills - £45

Hard Gel Overlay Infills - £40

Body & Hair removal

Spray Tan - £30

Bikini Wax - £20

Brazilian Wax - £35

Hollywood Wax - £40

Full Arm - £25

Full Leg - £35

Half Arm - £15

Half Leg - £20

Underarm - £15

Upper Lip Wax/ Thread - £6



Micro-bladed Brows - £350

Eyelash Enhancement - £225

Eyeliner - £300

Lip Liner - £250

Lip Blush - £300

Beauty Spot - £75

Freckles - £200


All Prices include VAT




We can do group discounts for several appointments in one day. This is perfect for a girly preparation day before a big event such as a wedding, hen do or birthday party. If you are interested in booking as a group please contact us by email or phone, allowing plenty of notice for us to accommodate you and avoid disappointment.




We highly recommend for brides to come in for a full set before your wedding to get an idea of how they will look. You can then either have infills to top up before the day, or book in for another full set. We suggest having lashes applied 1-3 days before the day but can be done up to a week before.





If you still need more info just give us a call and one of our team will be happy to have a chat with you.