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Booking online is the easiest and most reliable way for you to get an appointment as sometimes (when we're busy) it's not always possible for us to answer the phone. All you have to do is follow the three basic steps below. Your booking will be confirmed by email and might be subject to a change of 15/20 mins to fit in with our diary and close the gaps! Appointments might be switched over to another lash tech with the same experience from time to time, please let us know if you would rather this didn't happen. 




You can book appointments by popping into the studio, by phone call, email or using our online booking system. We always encourage people to book online as it's so easy. If you need more information about booking one of our services please go to our contact page and get in touch.



  • At The London Dolls we have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which means we need at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment if you want to cancel or reschedule, otherwise there will be a 100% charge of your appointment.

    We get it, plans can change last minute, you get called into a meeting at work or you are stuck on a train one hour outside of London but we need at least 24 hours notice to change your appointment. 24 hours notice gives us the necessary time to fill the space that your appointment took up. We are busy studio and that space could have been given to lash deprived gal in need!

    Please inform us if you are going to be late for your appointment so we can do our best to accommodate you in the time you have remaining.

• It is a requirement of The London Dolls to ensure that all new clients have had a patch test prior to their appointment. Patch tests can be done in the studio, feel free to pop in during all working hours as it only takes a moment, or if you are not local to the area we are happy to post a patch test kit out to you. Patch tests sent home are under your instruction and are at your risk.

Appointments cannot go ahead without a patch test completed and you will be charged.

• When booking a lash top up please ensure that you have at least 40% of your lashes left, don’t come in with a few hanging on in there and expect a top up to make it the full look you initially had. If you have booked an infill but you’ve decided you need more then let us know before your appointment and we can change this for you no problem.

• If possible please arrive early to give time to take off your eye make up and to let the stress of the day melt away. Why not relax and unwind with a hot drink or fizz if you so wish?

We understand that not everyone can get to their appointment with time to spare so please come with mascara free lashes we will also give them an extra clean at the start of the treatment to ensure they’ll be flawless when we finish.

• You are welcome to listen to your own music or podcasts if you prefer, we happen to find them very relaxing, but please use smaller earbud headphones to reduce the chance of them getting in the technicians way.

Please turn your phone off or switch to silent mode during your appointment as we are want to make the studio a relaxing environment.

• Well-behaved children are welcome in the studio. We understand that if you are due your top-up or even a full set during the holidays and grandma or the babysitter are busy you’ll have no choice but to bring them which fine with us if you feel they can chill with an iPad or colouring in book, but we are not responsible for your babes.

The London Dolls has a permanent resident, Olive the Cavapoo, our studio dog who is a sweetie. Feel free to stroke her and give her cuddles but please do NOT BRING DOGS into the studio because friendly or non friendly we cant have barking.

• Being a studio, we have an open planned treatment room, so respect for other clients is of the upmost importance however we do want to be a sociable space so if you have friends in the studio during your appointment we are happy for them to relax.

We are more than happy to give boys treatments as everyone deserves to be pampered however we are a boyfriend-free zone so unless he wants his brows waxed, nails painted or lashes fleeked then he needs to mosey on out of here.

  • Our treatments can't be carried out on everyone, for health reasons, we are an all inclusive studio and will happily pamper everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or class however check our list of "no-no's" to make sure you're lash ready!